Insights January 30, 2022

How is it easier to start on Monday and get involved in work?

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Even for those who love their work and career very much , Monday is one of the more difficult days of the week. Switching from a weekend long sleep schedule is stressful for you and sets the tone for the mood of the whole week? These tips are for you!

Are you where you want to be?

First, are you satisfied with your work? Are you working on what’s important to you? Does the position you hold bring you closer or away from your career goals? The more you know about yourself and what you want, the easier it is to develop strategies to achieve it. If you are doing a job that is important to you and striving for the things you want, you will be more satisfied and you will be more positive about life.

Follow a regular sleep cycle

Your brain realizes that you have a mode on a working day, and you relax on the weekend. But your body doesn’t know that. The rhythm unbalances and a light shock is experienced. If you sleep a long time on the weekend for two days, do not be surprised that it will be more difficult to fall asleep on Sunday evening. On weekends, stick to a regular sleep schedule and when the alarm rings on Monday morning, it will be easier to get up.

Tune in

Look closely at your bosses and colleagues, who, it would seem, are always in a good mood. If you really know them well, you will see that their lives are imperfect too. Although it is difficult for them, but they leave all the worries outside the door and come to work only in a good mood. Every morning you have a choice. Decide for yourself whether you want to change something or not. You will not change your personality, but there are things you can do to help yourself look at life more positively.

Help yourself

After the weekend, sometimes the hardest part of Monday is not knowing where to start. On Friday, help yourself by marking your Monday morning schedule. For example, leave a note on your monitor or save the folders where the tasks will be performed.

Wipe your desk

On Friday, before leaving work, devote half an hour to cleaning and handling. Clean up what you no longer need and make sure your workplace is ready for Monday morning. Your future I will thank you.

Pamper yourself

On Fridays, we like to wait for the weekend. Waiting gives you motivation when going to work. Use the same principle on Monday and plan a pampering at the beginning of the week. It can be something small, like a plan to have a coffee or eat your favorite dessert. Waiting for a reward will help you take the day more positively.