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Insights November 22, 2022

Recruitment decision as consumer demand changes

2014 m. Danske Bank, one of the 5 largest Scandinavian banks in Lithuania, has announced major strategic changes in its operations in Lithuania. Danske Bank has decided to exit its […]
Insights May 5, 2022

Shh… What not to say and what to emphasise when talking to a recruiter?

Have you received a LinkedIn message or even several in the last year inviting you to talk about career opportunities or to attend a recruitment event? Don’t be surprised – […]
Insights May 24, 2022

First week in a new job. What should you know?

Starting a new career? Are you just getting started, and has the enthusiasm and joy been overshadowed by uncertainty? We hasten to inform you that you are feeling as well […]
Insights January 11, 2021

Global moods and forecasts of employers for the beginning of 2021: what can we expect?

A study by manpowergroup, an international hr solutions firm, surveyed 37,717 public and private sector employers in 43 countries and territories to assess recruitment plans for the first year in […]
Insights February 21, 2022

How to negotiate rewards in the face of the pandemic?

The virus, which has brought chaos in the labour market, still poses challenges and uncertainties. You have a bunch of questions, is now the right time to negotiate your salary? […]
Insights February 14, 2022

How to love the workplace at home? Eliminate annoying glitches

As many as 38% of people work from home or in a mixed way, according to 2021. A representative survey of the public was conducted by the research company Spinter […]
Insights February 7, 2022

Increasing conflicts at work is a sign. Help employees fight burnout

Tensions and stress even before the pandemic were identified as one of the most acute problems at work. COVID-19 has only exacerbated this. Overtime and the desire to keep the […]
Insights May 6, 2020

Take advantage of the last weeks of summer: 3 tips for job seekers

Summer is the best time to apply. According to Manpower specialists, much more opportunities appear in the warm season. Reduced competition in the labor market eliminates the reasons for waiting […]
Insights November 20, 2020

Why is it worth it for employers to invest in a career change management program?

Career Change Management is a recruitment program provided by Manpower in Lithuania based on a methodology developed by career management and business experts from the ManpowerGroup brand Talent Solutions/ Right […]
Insights December 7, 2020

How can computer games help develop new skills?

Computer games are useful not only for leisure and relaxation. You will be surprised to learn that they also increase your employability. Even before COVID-19, there was talk of balancing […]

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