Complete your profile from the beginning till the end. A LinkedIn profile that needs to be completed or active is worse than no profile at all.

Include a professional photo of yourself that clearly shows your face and a friendly, confident smile. Write a summary reflecting on your professional skills and personality. Avoid overused buzzwords and strive to be unique.

Ensure that the career milestones you list on LinkedIn correspond to those on your CV.

Maintain your LinkedIn profile with current and relevant information.

Include specific keywords in your LinkedIn profile to help recruiters and potential employers find you.

Follow companies you admire or want to work for to stay updated on their news and job openings.

On LinkedIn, request recommendations from former managers or colleagues to validate your strengths and abilities.

Collect contacts on LinkedIn responsibly and purposefully. This way you will create a circle of contacts where you will be noticed.

Be selective in your LinkedIn connections and create a network to help you advance your career. Use LinkedIn to share professional news, celebrate achievements, and demonstrate your work style. Irrelevant content, such as funny pictures or jokes, should be avoided.

Before submitting your profile, thoroughly proofread it for grammatical errors.

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