Insights November 22, 2022

Recruitment decision as consumer demand changes

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2014 m. Danske Bank, one of the 5 largest Scandinavian banks in Lithuania, has announced major strategic changes in its operations in Lithuania. Danske Bank has decided to exit its B2C (business-to-consumer) segment and become an industry leader in providing services exclusively to B2B (business-to-business) customers in Lithuania. To implement this strategic decision, Danske Bank sold its B2C portfolio to another Scandinavian bank in Lithuania – Swedbank. Accordingly, until all B2C customers were transferred to Swedbank, Danske Bank had to archive almost 10 000 individual files – customer histories, commitments, etc. – according to strict, detailed systematisation guidelines.


Danske Bank has entrusted us with the staff needed to implement a strategic change in the Lithuanian market. The systematisation of user information was originally planned to take a year. So we had to find and recruit 15 archive assistants responsible for the transfer of Danske Bank’s B2C portfolio to Swedbank. However, the project’s deadline was extended to 3 years, with 30 lawyers in the later stages, and eventually became an ongoing project that continues to this day.

Danske Bank’s changing demand for lawyers had to be addressed in a very efficient way at different stages of the project. The creation of a separate candidate database for the Danske Bank project and the deep understanding of the candidate’s competencies required by the client allowed the HR consultants to deliver the identified candidates to the client within 2 days of the enquiry, when new lawyers were needed.

In addition, regular status updates and meetings with Danske Bank representatives, a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and the effort to look at the challenge from the client’s point of view have laid a solid foundation for the fulfilment of Danske Bank’s expectations. As a result, a customised recruitment strategy, exclusive to Danske Bank, helped us to move in rhythm with the client and achieve common goals.


Despite the challenging changes in consumer demand and the extremely high expectations of the candidates, together with Danske Bank we managed to achieve all the milestones. In the end, as agreed, Danske Bank fully prepared its business portfolio for the sale to Swedbank and was able to successfully implement the strategic change decision in the Lithuanian market.

In addition, Danske Bank’s high Net Promoter Score (NPS) indicates the high quality of the solution developed and implemented by Manpower, which has led to continued cooperation and the client’s trust in us as an ethical HR partner.