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Vyresnysis buhalteris (-ė) Manpower
Location: Jonava, Kaunas
Salary: 2300-2800€ (Gross)
Type: Full working day
Skaitmeninio turinio koordinatorius (-ė) Lithuanian Junior Achievement
Location: Vilnius
Salary: 1800-2500€ (Gross)
Type: Full working day
Optikos paruošimo technikas (-ė) Manpower
Location: Vilnius
Salary: 1650-1850€ (Gross)
Type: Full working day
Pradedantysis lazerių inžinierius (-ė) QS Lasers
Location: Vilnius
Salary: 1700€ (Gross)
Type: Full working day
Order Coordinator for Baltics Geberit
Location: Vilnius
Salary: 2000-2300€ (Gross)
Type: Full working day

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