Success stories November 22, 2019

Establishment of a customer service centre in Vilnius with 130 employees

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Yara International has decided to urgently set up a multilingual customer service and support centre in Vilnius within one year. The need is to recruit 130 staff, ranging from management and administration to IT and customer service. Workers had to start work in stages with strict deadlines.


We quickly discovered a system for dividing tasks within the team across two functions:

  • CORE – search, filtering, job interviews by phone
  • MORE – live job interviews and matching candidate profiles

The client’s only point of contact is the project manager. We answered questions for clients and candidates in less than 3 hours.


Recruited HR manager and managers, internal IT systems managers, process manager and managers, customer service specialists, logistics and export coordinators and team leaders.

In total, 130 workers were recruited in less than a year.

Attracting niche language workers, of which there were only dozens in Lithuania. Some of the staff were recruited from abroad, as there were no candidates in Lithuania with a particular profile.