Career counseling

At different stages of a career, a person may face different problems: job search difficulties, loss, dissatisfaction, retraining, and so on. In order to help a person answer various questions, we have developed a career change management, consulting program. Career counseling is a service that is already well known to some, still a little new to others, but is gradually establishing itself in Lithuania, for everyone who faces certain difficulties or seeks new challenges on their career path. We started consulting under this program in 2016 and have already conducted more than 200 career coaching sessions and are ready to help many more in the future.


The career change management program consists of:

  • Competencies and strengths. How to recruit them?
  • Setting a career goal and priorities and discussing a strategy for its implementation.
  • Emotional preparation for new career challenges.
  • Representation (CV, LinkedIn, other social networks, self-presentation).
  • Ways to find a suitable job.
  • Discussion of the features of a job interview (both telephone and “live”).
  • Adaptation to a new job.
  • Other topics relevant to the candidate, refined in person according to his priorities.


If you are currently facing challenges and need help, we are ready to provide it!

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