Insights May 6, 2020

Take advantage of the last weeks of summer: 3 tips for job seekers

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Summer is the best time to apply. According to Manpower specialists, much more opportunities appear in the warm season. Reduced competition in the labor market eliminates the reasons for waiting and creates favorable conditions for getting to where the heart has always longed. This is not only a great opportunity to be noticed, but you can also apply anywhere and anytime, it is enough just to have a phone at hand. Therefore, we share 3 tips on where to start.

Much simpler than it seems – apply even with a weight in your hands

Since there are fewer candidates and competition during the summer period, grab your phone even when you’re on the seashore, by the lake or by the river. Balance the time between entertainment and career, it’s enough even a few minutes for the sun to hide behind the clouds.

Looking for motivation? Make a program between sports and professional plans. Waking up in the morning, do stretching exercises, go to ad search portals, do 10 squats and apply. Sat down on social media? Diversify your browsing by going to other sections as well. Social networks Facebook and LinkedIn have separate sections of job ads. In them, you can filter both regions and workspaces, depending on your own needs. Make use of hashtags (e.g. #darbas #ieško #siūlo #specialistas, etc.). Find the accounts of the companies you are interested in. The more you learn about their activities and everyday life, the more professional you will look yourself. In addition, you will ensure yourself a greater chance not to miss the news, what kind of employees are currently in short supply and maybe even see your future place of work.

Use this period to highlight your strengths and skills

Despite the impact of the pandemic on global unemployment, in many countries we are seeing signs of a rebound in the labour market, which is why employers are offering jobs that are in increasingly better conditions. During the summer period, employers have more time, so you have more space to fill their expectations. According to ManpowerGroup, employers around the world are now in dire need of digital and “soft skills.” This demand is likely to continue to grow rapidly alongside the need for digitalisation.

2021 an international study, the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, surveyed more than 45,000 employers in 43 countries. It turned out that the most difficult thing for employers is to discover: resilience, stress tolerance, adaptation, cooperation, teamwork skills, critical thinking and analysis. And these are priority skills. Additional qualities desired: creativity, originality, reasoning and problem solving.

Have at least some of these? Your chances of becoming the most sought-after employee on the market double! Talk about it, do not delay and apply for the desired position, thus proving your resilience, adaptation and new, creative solutions – employers are waiting for you!

Do not despair and improve

It is quite normal to face failures in a job search. Tune in to it and do not despair if it happens. According to psychologists, the belief that “failure” is personal and permanent can harm even health. Summer, meanwhile, has a good trait – it’s positive. So use those positive emotions for improvement, growth and self-delving into yourself. You may feel as if you know yourself well like no other, but the boundary of objectivity is very fragile, so evaluate whether you really identify yourself without adding details that do not reflect your capabilities.

Failure to meet expectations can be more painful than self-assessment at the very beginning. Manpower specialists recommend that you take several skills or personality assessment tests and use the results obtained to identify your strengths. Also, you can find and a consultant who will help you highlight the most important qualities. And finally, you can also turn to relatives, friends with a request to create your brief description. A reminder of where your true talent lies will help you nurture and grow where you have the most opportunities and prospects to thrive.

Do not restrain yourself, discover balance and look for career opportunities. Warm sun and good luck!