Insights February 7, 2022

Increasing conflicts at work is a sign. Help employees fight burnout

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Tensions and stress even before the pandemic were identified as one of the most acute problems at work. COVID-19 has only exacerbated this. Overtime and the desire to keep the business going even in the conditions of the pandemic are beginning to be debilitating. We don’t notice anymore when we get into a grueling circle. And we’ve been scouring the concept of burnout more and more often over the past few years. However, often we have not yet learned to pay attention to the signs signaling burnout. Therefore, we want to remind you that when you are in the manager’s chair, you do not forget to look not only at the result line, but also take care of your employees. We share tips to help prevent or combat burnout.

Be available

Managers need to be available, even if virtually. Use options offered by apps, such as Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. They allow the employee to easily schedule a short virtual meeting and ask urgent questions. Or maybe just chat. Virtual pop-in meetings are especially important. Not only will it be easier to maintain close contact with employees, but you will also see their status.

Recognize the first signs

Burnout can manifest itself in different ways. Do you notice that colleagues have a reduced sense of responsibility and productivity? Especially with an increase in the amount of conflicts in the team, a desire to distance himself appears, or maybe a colleague does not join meetings. It is still universally difficult to admit to being burned out. It is imagined that this will be seen as a personal flaw or lack of strength. But to solve this problem, you need to talk. The manager should not be afraid if the employee utters unpleasant things. Only after gaining the trust of colleagues will you be able to notice the signs of burnout and prevent them.

You can invest not only money

Different studies show that it’s not just about money for employees. If possible, we recommend that organizations invest training or advice. For some, knowledge of computer literacy may be important, while for others, emotional balance counseling may be important. By prescribing at least one day a week, surprising results can be achieved. Various lectures can not only satisfy the needs of people, but also refine the goals. It is a tool for improvement, a sense of progress and moving forward. Remember that the better the employee feels, the better the results he will achieve. You will not only show that the employee cares about you. This will allow you to really take a breather and recharge with energy.

If necessary, reduce the workload

Although the Lithuanian proverb “high danced, low fall” has another meaning, it perfectly illustrates burnout. By taking more than the ability to cover, in the long run, even the most productive can lead to a tipping point. Reduce the load. Each person has a limited number of hours per day. Productivity must be assessed, so it is important to strategically arrange the work and reduce the amount of activities. It’s about working on yourself and the team. However, this will help reduce the likelihood of burnout.

With the right strategies, planning can solve the problem of employee burnout. Monitoring and timely assistance can become the most valuable advantage of the organization in the long run.