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UAB „Manpower Lit“

Are you interested to learn more about employee availability during current market conditions? Or the latest trends, salary issues, recruitment options (including online), temporary agency work, job ads, talent acquisition or evaluating other similar employment related issues?                                                                                                    

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Manpower Latvia


Adreas: Kr. Valdemāra iela 33-17, Rīga, LV-1010

 Manpower  Estonia

Adresas: Estonia puiestee 1, 10143 Tallinn, Estija
Tel. +372 630 6565

Živilė Švežauskienė
Business Manager

Evelina Latyšovič
Senior Sales Manager

Dovydas Stasytis
Junior Sales Specialist

Jolanta Barakauskienė
Chief Accountant

Gabija Žukauskaitė

Jelizaveta Martynovičienė
HR Partner

Renata Odinokova
HR Partner

Milda Grigaravičiūtė
HR Partner

Olga Mesceriakova
Senior HR Consultant

Aušra Šalčiūtė-Arbačiauskienė
HR Partner

Eglė Butkienė
HR Partner

Gilija Grikštaitė
Junior HR Partner

Ingrida Berdikšlytė
Office Assistant / Marketing Coordinator