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Temporary employment

A versatile and responsive solution to meet your requirements, whether for a short-term project or a long-term placement.

Our temporary and permanent staffing solution allows you to focus on your core business while we handle the hassle of finding, hiring, and administrating the right people.

We are prepared to add value by taking over all functions associated with the recruitment, selection, placement, and administration of temporary or permanent employees, as these processes require time, diligence, expertise, and experience.

Staffing solution provides value:

  • for an urgent project
  • at the start of specific projects
  • during seasonal peaks
  • during company restructuring
  • in the event of a general labor shortage
  • in the event of illness of an internal employee
  • during annual, maternity, or paternity leave

During temporary or permanent employment, we assume the employer’s responsibility for:

  • Finding and hiring suitable candidates on time and within the agreed-upon deadlines for the period and the tasks or jobs you have assigned.
  • Recruiting the staff you’ve chosen, professionally preparing all documents, and patiently and competently familiarizing them.
  • Informing all relevant bodies and authorities about your employee recruitment.
  • Instructing employees on workplace safety rules.
  • Recording and carrying out all the pre-agreed and other day-to-day personnel administration procedures (supplementary contracts, instructions, reports, job descriptions, orders, requests, liaison with temporary staff, etc.).
  • Complying with the law and correctly calculating payroll with your approved timesheets and expense reports.
  • Paying staff salaries and other benefits on agreed-upon dates: holidays, sickness, expense reimbursement, and so on.
  • Paying all state taxes and informing you and the public authorities of payments made.
  • Competent advice to you and your employees on the Labour Code and other legislation relating to temporary employment.

We can also agree on sharing additional responsibilities, so we look forward to learning about your requirements. We are confident that we will prepare a one-of-a-kind solution to achieve the desired result.

Let’s talk about your problems. Perhaps the solution lies in an open discussion with professionals.