Temporary Employment

Our temporary employment services give you the opportunity to focus on your core business and leave all the worries of selecting, hiring and administering the right staff to us. Manpower is ready to take over all personnel management and administration functions, thus ensuring the added value brought by new employees who meet your expectations and help achieve the company’s common goals.

We can offer you the right staff for short-term and long-term projects. Some clients need staff immediately, during an urgent project, or when an internal employee of the company falls ill.

Other companies have the ability to plan staffing needs in advance and use the temporary employment service when specific projects start, during the seasonal peak, company restructuring, general labor shortages, annual, maternity or paternity leave. With the help of our selected staff, you will have the opportunity to match the needs of your employees with your current workload. A temporary employment solution in your business will help to ensure efficient business development, optimal cost planning and quality, which is conditioned by high motivation of temporary employees.

Need temporary staff?

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