Personnel search and selection

Personnel search and selection is one of Manpower’s main activities. We constantly invest in employee search technologies, use the most advanced sources of information and time-tested strategies, so we are able to find not only the most talented candidates, but also to retain the best employees.

Manpower started its operations in Lithuania in 2006 and today we occupy a leading position in the market, we have opened offices in Vilnius and Kaunas, which employ professional and motivated consultants seeking high results in cooperation with Clients.

We assist our Clients by providing professional advice in selecting the best employees in the labor market, as well as in organizing and carrying out the selection process. In addition, we use the highest quality, reliable assessment tools, procedures and methodologies to understand the needs of your business and the industry in which you specialize, and to provide tangible added value quickly and efficiently.

Manpower’s main customers in Lithuania are the most well-known global and local companies, small and medium-sized companies in the sales, services, finance and technology segments. We believe that specialization is the key to successful new talent search and selection projects. Therefore, we have been specializing in the search, selection and recruitment of managers, professionals and specialists for a decade. Positions for which we have the most experience in searching for and selecting candidates:
• Sales: sales managers, specialists, representatives, product maintenance specialists, product managers.
• Customer service: secretaries, administrators, consultants, assistants, customer service specialists, key customer service managers.
• Finance: analysts, accountants, bookkeepers, financiers.
• IT: programmers (C ++, C #, Java, .NET), IT administrators, IT architects, testers, engineers.
• Maintenance: engineers, planners, project managers, electricians.
• Management: heads of representative offices, companies and divisions.

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