The art of writing a CV that stands out

How on earth do you write a CV that stands out from the crowd when everyone learns the same methods and uses the CV templates you can download online? Well, maybe it’s not the form that matters, but what you actually say in your CV. The art of writing a CV that stands out How […]

6 Ways to Prep for an Interview

By the time you step into a room for an interview, nothing should come as a surprise. You should be familiar with the company, its strategic goals, the people you’re meeting and your own strengths and weaknesses. Like an athlete training for game day, the interview is a chance to show all your preparation and […]

Why Learnability is the Most Important Skill in a Digital World

Scroll through Facebook or open any newspaper and you’ll find headlines on digitalization and the impact of tech on jobs. And it can make for some pretty concerning reading some of the time. Too much focus on the threats and disruption, too little on the real issue: the need for a Skills Revolution. It’s time […]

How to Keep Your Workforce Agile

An agile workforce is the only way to succeed in the future of work. The employees you hire today may soon have to perform jobs that don’t even exist yet. That’s a challenge when entire groups of their workers need to be retrained, moved or otherwise be adaptable to change. The rapid pace of technological […]

How to Sharpen Communication Skills in a Digital World

A few decades ago, being a good communicator referred to a few commonly agreed-upon traits. It could mean you were an excellent public speaker, a talented conversationalist, or a manager that provided helpful feedback. The parameters were narrow. But today, communication in a digital world is more important than ever.  How do you thrive in […]

How Can I Improve My Job Skills?

Upskilling and adapting to a fast-changing world of work is the defining challenge of our time. Here’s how you can keep your job skills up to date as the work world evolves.    Learning and improving your job skills shouldn’t end after you’re hired. Improving your job skills through learnability is a career-long process. Whether you’re […]

ManpowerGroup 2019 metų apdovanojimai

Dešimtus metus iš eilės ManpowerGroup yra pripažįstama etiškiausia pasaulio kompanija personalo sprendimų srityje. „Ethisphere“ instituto rinkimuose ManpowerGroup buvo įvertinta dėl kompanijos vertybių, puikios reputacijos ir patikimumo. Tikime, kad verslo etika svarbi klientams, tiekėjams ir kandidatams. ManpowerGroup didžiuojasi, kad etiškas elgesys yra kompanijos vertybė nuo pat jos įsteigimo. ManpowerGroup taip pat pateko ir į sąrašą kompanijų, […]