About Manpower

About the company
Manpower, part of the ManpowerGroup, a global leader in human resources / HR solutions, has been named the most ethical personnel company on a global scale for ten years in a row.
The Manpower team in Lithuania are experts who create an impeccable experience of the candidate while participating in the selection. With 14 years of experience in the Lithuanian labor market, today we occupy strong positions in the market and specialize in the selection and recruitment of specialists, managers and professionals.

We also provide innovative and competitive value-added human resource services to clients who are the most well-known global and local companies, small and medium-sized companies in the finance, sales, services, technology (engineering and IT) and manufacturing segments. Manpower's field of activity in Lithuania includes the search and selection of employees; permanent and temporary employment; outplacement and career counseling.
All Manpower solutions are individually and purposefully tailored to everyone's needs, as our goal is to provide a uniquely professional collaboration experience with both Candidates and Clients.

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U.S. and worldwide under Fortune U.S. and Fortune Global

U.S. and worldwide under Fortune U.S. and Fortune Global

In 2019, ManpowerGroup was ranked among Fortune 500 America’s largest companies for the 17th time in a row.
The most admired companies

The most admired companies

ManpowerGroup is named America's Most Admired Personnel Services Company.
The company was evaluated according to eight criteria: the quality of products and services; innovation; management quality, employee talent; Social responsibility; financial soundness; the value of long-term investments; and the use of the assets of the corporation.
Place in the global list of Forbes Global magazine

Place in the global list of Forbes Global magazine

In 2018, ManpowerGroup in the U.S. was selected as the best workplace based on reviews provided by more than 13,000 people from the U.S. Forbes recognized ManpowerGroup for good working conditions, competitive pay and attractive benefits.
The most ethical HR company

The most ethical HR company

In 2019, for the tenth year in a row, Manpower was elected the most ethical personnel company in the world.